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SUTURES (Released in July 2010)

Psychological Thriller/Horror
By Brian Moon, Carlos Lauchu & Jacqueline A. Kelly

Logline: A group of longtime friends converge on a fatal course with destiny when they cross paths with
Alexander Tatum, a mercenary surgeon who will stop at nothing to harvest human body parts.
“Silence of the Lambs” meets the better half of the first “Hostel.”

Tagline: Somewhere between Heaven & Hell lie the nightmares of man’s transgressions against himself.
Against his children… and their children…


Drama/Psychological Thriller
Based on a True Story
By Jacqueline A. Kelly

Logline: A Texas family terrorizes the Hill Country highways as they exact revenge for their own tragedy by
hunting down hitchhikers, keeping them as slaves, and torturing them for pleasure.
“No Country for Old Men” meets “Misery.”

Tagline: There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to decide between saving his own skin and doing what’s right.

THE LAST VAMPYRE — Eternal Nights

Drama/Supernatural Thriller
By C.L. Sicona, Jacqueline A. Kelly & Brian Moon

Logline: The hidden Vampyre Nation is almost gone from this world. Their numbers have fallen from the hundreds of thousands to mere dozens over time until only a few remain.
“Interview With a Vampire” meets “The Crow.”

Tagline: “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven” ~ John Milton, Paradise Lost, 1667.
Milton was a Vampyre

MISSING TIME — The Straights of Makinaw

Sci-Fi/Psychological Thriller
By Jacqueline A. Kelly

Logline: A group of strangers awake to find themselves thrust into chaos together. None of them know how or
why they got there, but all of them want out. They do, however have one thing in common — they
are all Missing Time. No, two things in common — they want it to stop and they will do anything to stop it. “The Butterfly Effect” meets “The 4th Kind.”

Tagline: The only thing worse than Missing Time is remembering what happened to you.


By Carlos Lauchu, Brian Moon & Jacqueline A. Kelly

Logline: An elite Army Unit finds itself trapped with beasts that simply cannot die.
“Aliens” meets “The Mummy” with immortal creatures.

Tagline: They’ve lived down there for thousands of years… and they’re hungry.
Jacqueline A. Kelly
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